2006/2007 Ashes Cricket Test Series

Game 3 of the Ashes series begins at the WACA in Perth today.

Can the English cricket team do anything to restore their battered confidence and pride?  They face an enormous task to retain the Ashes trophy.  They must win at least 2 of the next three games, and do no worse than a draw in the third.  Given the way they threw victory away in the Second Test in Adelaide, I wouldn’t be putting my money on them.

In a way, I’d like to see them put up a bit of a fight to keep the series alive.  However, as a true blue Aussie, I want to see our team continue to crush the “old foe”.  The English win in the previous Ashes Series in England certainly seems to have sparked renewed interest from Australian spectators.  I get the feeling this interest is more than likely a desire to watch the Australian team avenge the loss of the previous series.

I can hear the chorus already……. “C’mon Aussie, c’mon, c’mon ….”

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