Terror in our house?

Eighteen people have now been arrested in relation to an alleged plot to commit an act of terrorism in a mainland Australian city.

What gives with these people?  They come to Australia allegedly seeking to escape from the conflict of their homeland, yet they bring their damned arguments, prejudices and hatreds with them.

To these extremists, I say either leave your crap behind, or go back to where you came from.

Indeed, this could be said of any new immigrant coming to Australia to settle.  You’ve come to a new country, so shouldn’t you learn to adopt the ways of your new home?  In the same way that you would expect an Australian to adopt the ways of your homeland if the Australian moved there, then you should be prepared to “Australianise” yourself when you come here.  Certainly, you should respect your origins and religious beliefs – no-one is saying you should forget them or discard them.  However, you should learn to accept the Australian way of life, and to adapt to that.

I’m astounded that the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) in NSW allows people to undertake in their own language the test for a driver’s licence.  As English is the official spoken and written language of Australia, then the tests should ONLY be in English.  How are these people to read road signs that are written only in English if they apparently can’t read or write the language?

Memo Mr Howard (Prime Minister of Australia): Multiculturalism is nice in theory, and has brought many new and interesting things to Australian society.  However, it has also brought a lot of undesirable things, and I think it’s about time the policy received a bit of fine tuning.  Perhaps the ability to effectively communicate using the English language should be a pre-requisite for granting an immigration visa?

Memo Mr Iemma (Premier of NSW): Why does your Government let people that have emigrated from overseas undertake important tests, like that for a driving licence, in any language other than English?