P-Plate Gabfest

Will anything of substance come from the current gabfest on what to do about our P-plate drivers?

I’m predicting we’ll simply see a range of draconian rules instituted that will prove of little value.  Why? Because there’s no point having rules if you don’t have the “referees” to see that they are being obeyed.  In this case, I use the term “referee” to mean police.  One of the surest ways of making sure that drivers adhere to the road rules is to have a highly visible police presence actually on the roads.

We don’t need more rules for these new and inexperienced drivers – they’ve already got enough to learn and think about.  What is needed is better education (both in attitude to driving and actual driving skills).  This, combined with a more visible police presence, will do far more than trying to legislate a solution to the problem by creating even more road rules.

The current NSW Government seems to think that by cutting spending and reducing the police force’s manpower and using static speed cameras instead is good management. How wrong they are!  This is a very good example of what happens when a Government tries to do too much with it’s resources and tries to run everything on shoestring budgets.

In my opinion, the NSW Government should make spending money on infrastructure an absolute priority, and put the minority projects back in their rightful places at the bottom of the “have to be done” list.  Public funds should be giving priority to health (hospitals, etc), schools, public transport/roads and our police force.  The NSW police force has been shrinking for a number of years now, and it needs a drastic increase in numbers (i.e., we need hundreds of officers added to the force) just to get back to the level it was 5 years ago, and more still to get it to the appropriate ratio for our population level.

If ever there was a case of “Nero fiddling while Rome burns” one only has to look at what the NSW Government is doing.

Might I suggest that the two Ministers responsible for police, roads and transport issues in NSW (Mr Eric “Bus Lane” Roozendaal, and Mr John Watkins) get together and work out the priorities of their respective Ministries, and then go to their Premier, Mr Morris Iemma with a co-ordinated plan.

In fact, perhaps Mr Iemma, as the Minister for State Development, needs to demonstrate some real leadership by making some hard decisions on spending priorities and then start cracking a few of his Ministers’ heads together to make them wake up to reality.

2 thoughts on “P-Plate Gabfest”

  1. I’m inclined to agree with the media’s current assessment of Opposition leader, Mr Peter Debnam. He hasn’t really done much to gain any sort of profile, something I think he needs to address sooner rather than later.

    Given the current status of the political landscape in NSW, I think it’s fair to say the incumbent Government stands a minimal chance of re-election. Nevertheless, the Opposition should not stand idly in the wings waiting to be annointed. The voters in NSW will not stand for, nor do they deserve, another mediocre Government holding power.

    NSW needs a Government of vision and action, one prepared to make the hard decisions and follow through with them. It needs a leader prepared to stand up and remain solidly fixed to a long term plan to fix the woes currently besetting NSW.

    John Howard has proven he is the one for the job at a Federal level, sticking to the policy decisions they made for the betterment of Australia as a whole despite some short term pain as the economy adjusted to those policies.

    It’s up to the NSW Opposition to find a leader with the same strength of character and the ability to do what is necessary for his State.

    OK, Mr Debnam – it’s all up to you. Are you the man for the job?

  2. If we banged the heads of Messrs Iemma and Watkins together then we’d need another sewerage treatment plant to cope with the outfall. Under Carr and Iemma, this State has declined to the point of where we will soon be inundated by tumbleweeds and unemployed. Yep, Rome is burning because whilst the national unemployment level continues to decline as Western Australia and Queensland take advantage of a Commonwealth-induced boom in mineral exploration and sales which we’d have never got if Paul Keating was still the Prime Minister, Victoria’s unemployment level is stagnant whilst that of New South Wales is actually rising each month and continues to rise because of Bob Carr’s lack of vision and Morris Iemma’s lack of commitment to fixing the stuff ups created by Mr Carr and former ministers for health and transport, Carl Scully and Andrew Refshauge, respectively.

    The media have been boasting about no-one knowing much about Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, but surely anyone has to be better than the dimwits running the State at the present time. Mr Iemma simply has no clue and it is like appointing the tea lady as treasurer – something has to go horribly wrong sooner or later and New South Wales has been copping it for eleven years under Messrs Carr and Iemma.

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