Australian Idol 2006

The winner of Australian Idol 2006 is Irish born Damien Leith, who has reportedly applied for Australian citizenship but is not yet an Australian.

Whilst his musical talent is unquestionable, is it really proper that the winner of Australian Idol is not an Australian, either by birth or by application for citizenship?

Personally, I congratulate Damien on achieving his success but I can’t get rid of this feeling that somehow we’ve been cheated.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Australian Idol 2006”

  1. I completely agree, however the dood deserves to win!

    Australia was openly told that he was Irish, and we even still decided to make him the 2006 Idol.

    I say shut up and stop complaining, if you feel you were cheated then you should have voted for Jess 😀

    On that note, I’m just happy that he is applying for citizenship – we need more wonderful people like him in the world.


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